Sunday, February 10, 2013

E.M.'s dog feeder

I've been meaning to make something to hold Ellie Mae's dog dishes that matched the style in our home but just hadn't gotten around to it. Well that changed over the weekend when I happened to be shopping at our local TJ Maxx and found some really cute stainless steel dog dishes for $2.99 a piece. Inexpensive and cute ALWAYS catches my eye ;)...So do shiny objects that I can decorate with adding some wood using walnut stain, it tends to tone down the shininess a bit!!! They go very well togethor. Sooo I threw togethor a few 1x4's, used the brad nailer, some wood glue, stenciled letters and there ya have it!!! Easy peezy!! I like that too!!

Measure just big enough for the dishes to sit right on top of the wood, its nice that way
wood glue- Elmer's is the BEST
brad nailer
walnut stain

And our sweet Ellie loves it!!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Folding table and Chevron

To make a laundry room functional, I definitely think you need a table to set the folded laundry on..or should I say to coax myself into the laundry room I just needed something a little extra....perhaps like a folding table. If you're anything like myself, I feel that laundry is a never ending vicious cycle that is left up to no one other than us moms perhaps and yes I realize there are exceptions!!!! So with that being said we need all the help we can get ;)..My table was "it" for me!!! I love it too..I have plenty of room to fold the laundry and not have to put it away right then if I have other things I'm busy doing at the moment. And Chevron, mannnnn it sure is a tricky design to use when measuring and sewing. It least in my opinion, but I wanted to add some Chevron somewhere in the house so I used it in the smallest area, laundry room!!!! I put togethor a small shade and added some burlap ribbon and "I like".......take a look ------->>>>>>

used some of the left over material and added some flowers to the baskets

laundry room is finally finished

Numbered coffee mugs

Hey there friends just wanted to share my inexpensive numbered coffee mug project with you all!!! I seen some similar mugs in The Pottery Barn magazine and loved them!! We are not coffee drinkers, nor did I wanna pay the price for theirs but I still wanted some since we do love our hot chocolate in the fall & winter, as well as warm tea when we are sick. So to me that was justifiable enough :)))!!! I made a trip to our local Everythings a Dollar store and picked up some white mugs (I have a love for white dishes) that were of course JUST $1, everything else I had on hand. Now, there are so many different ways you could do this project but I opted for the super easy way.....I scrapbook so had TONS of stickers, yep thats right I used stickers!!! I chose the lettering I wanted and placed them right on the mugs, traced with a super fine black sharpie and wa la!! I let them set for about an hour and than baked them at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.....Make sure to wash the mugs before you start on your project ;)..Enjoy!!!

I'm going to secure some black hooks onto the bead board of my hutch and place the mugs on them...

I think I wanna add some glass doors on the top two shelves, we shall see!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cute, Simple & Inexpensive!!!

Oh how I do love the snow and my kids love to play in it and make a snowy mess :) but we are super ready for the Spring..All the Christmas decor is down and I'm working on the kid's bedrooms for the Spring. I went on a shopping adventure at Hobby Lobby and come across these cute prepainted twig wreaths and had to have them so I bought two (large and smaller one), I hot glued the smaller wreath onto the larger wreath. I already had the D intial and some pink ribbon to place the D on the smaller wreath. I also purchased pink burlap ribbon and thats what I used for the bow (it was on sale) even better :)))!!!!

you could also buy regular twig wreaths and paint it your choice of color

Thursday, September 13, 2012

CUTE candy dishes

Made these from glass candle holders that I painted (glass paint is hard to find :/) I happened to purchase Martha Stewart glass paint for $1.99 at Michael's Craft store in black and painted the stands or they could be mod podged!! Went to Hobby Lobby and purchased the glass dishes and they were on sale :))))...Used E6000 (wonderful stuff) to glue the stands to the glass and there you have it! I did purchase the monogrammed letters from Michaels as well, I just put the first letter to the name of the candy on my dishes :)....I liked the stickers for the simple fact when I change out the candy for whatever season I can change the letter as well!! Enjoy friends!!

Vintage Inspired clock


Purchased round top from Lowes $17 measures 24in
Hands were purchased from Michaels
Numbers from lowes and I stenciled some on
Paint/stain..I stained my wood first, dried, than gently ran the paint brush over it with the choice of paint
The back- to insert the hand motor you will need to measure and cut out the space provided for it to fit securely and properly!! Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The "M"

Hello friends! Thanks for visiting today :)....I want to share with you my 10 minute eazy peezy cheap project I put togethor for my kitchen. All you need is a wooden letter (I purchased mine from Hobby lobby), jute, glue gun, and some left over material for the embellished flower :). I also chose to paint my letter but either or would will work!! Start by wrapping the jute around the letter using the glue gun and start on the back of the letter, just keep wrapping and glueing in different areas as you wrap. When finished use your left over material of your choice and make the flower (tutorial below), and glue wherever you choose. I placed a pine cone in the middle of my flower for harvest season :)!!! Enjoy

Friday, June 1, 2012

Headboard and Banner

Hey friends..........just finished making my daughter's headboard and wanted to add some color to it for her, although I'm partial to the neutrals...I met her in the middle on her room makeover. We both like turquoise so that was easy, however, she did let me add some burlap and creams while I allowed her orange. SO it worked out nicely and since it is a small space I wanted to keep it bright and cheery just not too bright. We added some color to the headboard that was made out of pallets by making a banner, fun stuff!  Easy way to add color and character plus inexpensive and didn't take long at all :).....


glue gun
I used a ruler to make my triangles

Trace triangles onto burlap/fabric and than cut, next, glue whatever your choice of jute or ribbon onto the triangles. I had some fabric left over from making a window shade and pillows so I used it to add some color to the banner by just cutting some strips and tying them onto the jute. Easy peezy!!!

this orange and the color of turquoise we decided to go with were a perfect combination

I found this antique desk/vanity online, bought it and restored it with the light turquoise I used through out her room. Removed the old hardware and replaced it with new, I went with the stainless steel since it was my daughter's room to keep it just a bit modern for her. Found the fabulous chair at the flea market, just brought it home and did absolutely nothing to it. Perfectly imperfect!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pillows, pillows, and......pillows!!

Gonna post a few pics of some pillows I made stay tuned for lots more stuff to come..I'm working on pics, and tutorials :)...

pillows absolutely make a space...I can never have enough of them, really!! No I mean really ;)

redo pretty much in every room!! Master inspired bedding and you know I had to make some pillows..just finished making the bed as it was barn door inspired

DIY cloth flower wreath

I just can't enough of the cloth flowers!! I have made so many crafts here lately using them :)...this wreath is the latest. I'm not gonna go into some long drawn out process about this and that, I'm just gonna get straight to the tutorial. Excuse the pics, they aren't the best as my daughter was nice enough to take them for me.. These flowers are really easy to make once you get the hang of it, and oh don't get burnt with the glue gun :/..;)


Hot glue gun
fabric of your choice
foam wreath
and fingers that cooperate :)

Take enough fabric to wrap around the foam wreath and I just glued it in no particular spot on the wreath to hold it in place

Now you are ready to start cutting your fabric for the flowers!! Have that glue gun ready

I cut strips out of my fabric about 1 1/2 -2 ft long and about 4 -4 1/2 inches wide, really it can go either way, it doesn't have to be cut perfect so


You will want to cut out about 10-15 of these pieces, once you have'em cut place glue all along the edge of the bottom half and than fold the top over onto the your fingers over the fabric that was glued togethor. Now you are ready to start twisting, wrapping, and glueing, careful not to burn those fingers!!

making the flowers- practice, practice, practice!!
I start by wrapping the fabric around my finger and tuck, and twist loosely to make it look like a rose/flower and glueing as I go along..of course when you start wrapping start at one end of the fabric :)

make sure to glue randomly as you wrap, also at the end of the material and while making the flower!!! When you have your flower done place glue all along the bottom of it and start placing them on the wreath..

**note- when you are wrapping the flower I try to make the bottom of it as flat as I can so it will sit nicely on the wreath

I used burlap to make my flower in the center.........................................

make sure you glue your choice of ribbon/jute on when finished :)

  shabby chic it!!!!! This wreath can be used in many different spaces, and I think they would be gorgeous in making a bunch of small ones for weddings!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Fabric inspired shower curtain

LOVE <-----------yep!! that's it, I love my shower curtain NOW that it's finished ;) notice I said now, and I love the fabric. In fact, everything about it from the stripes, color, to the flowers!!! Now listen gang I didn't make a tutorial for this as it totally slipped my mind since I was caught up in so many other tasks this day...and for that I sincerely apologize!

I bought this fabric from Walmart, I loved it from the moment I laid eyes on it so I  bought quiet a bit of it and made a few things than realized I had to get more!! Thats where the shower curtain comes in. I had been wanting to change up some things in the bathroom and give it a fresh new look and this sure was one way of doing so and it looks gorgeous, especially with the added flowers... Not posting pics of the entire room as I'm still working on it, but pics surely to come soon!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

much needed inspiration

Hey there friends, hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Ever had a wonderful idea or a few, or in fact maybe more than a few?? Yeah, and you know exactly what you wanna do and how to do it??? It all seems so simple up there in that white cloud slightly to the side of your brain and just when you start to actually put your hands and thoughts togethor that wonderful idea just disappears into a million pieces...kinda like a puzzle that's not put togethor!!! I know I can't be the only one ;)....yesterday and today have been just those kinda days for me, ugh!!! I will succeed though!! I only have 10 projects going on at the same time-that I WILL finish!! So, with that being said I took a break, YES a break and took a few photographs that I needed so much for some inspiration!! So far, it's working #thankyou to the camera inventor ahhhhhh!! It helps out knowing I have an obsession withe rugs, baskets, brown, and VINTAGE!!!! :)
moral of the story, sometimes we all need that extra push in me

it doesn't help matters that it's raining and chilly here either :/...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Catching up & Slom jars

 Well friends it has been a while since I have been on my blog!! I have been super busy with catching up on projects and the "mom" life :) please, come back!! There will be more post to come I promise!!

One of the many reasons as to why I have neglected my blog would be none other than an exellent excuse of Slom jars!! I was sooo inspired when I visited "The Painted Hive"s blog and seen her tutorial on the jars that I knew this was a project to be in my NEAR future...I did mine a little different because I'm forever changing my mind that if I decided to change my labels I didn't want it to be such a tidious task. See below, I love them!!!

Tutorial on labeling slom jars

As I like to say often, "this isn't the easiest project to do" :)....really its not that bad if you can get the decal transfer paper and your fingers to work togethor, welllll you got it made!!! It was all worth it though!


-Decal transfer paper (you can purchase online very inexpensive
-Can of spray enamel (acrylic didn't hold up for me)
-dry paper towel, wet paper towel
-small bowl of water
-Ink jet printer (not laser)
-timer (I didn't use one but some may prefer)
-blow dryer

as far as labels go I made my own it's really easy, you can use word, photoshop, etc to make your labels
I also used a template from "The Painted Hive" as she was sooo kind to make them and share!! click and print once you have printed your labels spray the sheets really well with the spray enamel and let dry, I let mine dry for a couple of hours, I wanted to make sure I had a good seal

Making sure you have your labels in which ever you decide to do, cut each label into a nice square as it seems to work better and looks much nicer as well. I went ahead and cleaned my jars really well as these are NOT dishwasher safe. Not only will it mess up your label but the seal as well, so do not place in the dishwasher!

Once you have your labels printed out, cut, and jars cleaned get your small bowl of water ready and make sure the water isn't hot or too warm. Choose on the jar where you would prefer to place your label and dampen that area with your paper towel (you may have to dampen it a few times) while waitng on your label in the bowl

Place the label in the small bowl of water for about 45-50 seconds or when you feel the clear paper start to separate from the backing and you can get a good hold on it with your fingers, be gentle! you don't want it to rip as it's very fragile...........

if you are able to sperate the paper from the backing, remove from water and gently place your thumb under the clear paper to gently transfer it onto the desired area of the jar, yes you will have bubbles!! That's the F.U.N part, working out the bubbles, did I mention fun????????

gently work out those air bubbles
I went over mine with the wet paper towel first than used my dry paper towel...

When all the air bubbles are worked out and you are happy with the placement of the label than grab the blow dryer and dry for about 5-10 minutes, waaa laaa you have your labeled slom jar and I hope you are as happy with yours as I am mine!!!! My favorite project yet!!!! But than again I have many favorite projects! Ahhh the crafting world.................


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vintage lighting

Ahhhhh....(sigh) I'm totally obsessed with vintage lighting and this is right up my alley, these would be so easy to make and would work well in many areas/spaces. This is definitely a must project for me :)

super cute!

lighting makes everything just that much prettier!  when out sight seeing I love to just look a the different kinds of lighting