Monday, April 30, 2012

Fabric inspired shower curtain

LOVE <-----------yep!! that's it, I love my shower curtain NOW that it's finished ;) notice I said now, and I love the fabric. In fact, everything about it from the stripes, color, to the flowers!!! Now listen gang I didn't make a tutorial for this as it totally slipped my mind since I was caught up in so many other tasks this day...and for that I sincerely apologize!

I bought this fabric from Walmart, I loved it from the moment I laid eyes on it so I  bought quiet a bit of it and made a few things than realized I had to get more!! Thats where the shower curtain comes in. I had been wanting to change up some things in the bathroom and give it a fresh new look and this sure was one way of doing so and it looks gorgeous, especially with the added flowers... Not posting pics of the entire room as I'm still working on it, but pics surely to come soon!!

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