Friday, June 1, 2012

Headboard and Banner

Hey friends..........just finished making my daughter's headboard and wanted to add some color to it for her, although I'm partial to the neutrals...I met her in the middle on her room makeover. We both like turquoise so that was easy, however, she did let me add some burlap and creams while I allowed her orange. SO it worked out nicely and since it is a small space I wanted to keep it bright and cheery just not too bright. We added some color to the headboard that was made out of pallets by making a banner, fun stuff!  Easy way to add color and character plus inexpensive and didn't take long at all :).....


glue gun
I used a ruler to make my triangles

Trace triangles onto burlap/fabric and than cut, next, glue whatever your choice of jute or ribbon onto the triangles. I had some fabric left over from making a window shade and pillows so I used it to add some color to the banner by just cutting some strips and tying them onto the jute. Easy peezy!!!

this orange and the color of turquoise we decided to go with were a perfect combination

I found this antique desk/vanity online, bought it and restored it with the light turquoise I used through out her room. Removed the old hardware and replaced it with new, I went with the stainless steel since it was my daughter's room to keep it just a bit modern for her. Found the fabulous chair at the flea market, just brought it home and did absolutely nothing to it. Perfectly imperfect!!!