Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pillows, pillows, and......pillows!!

Gonna post a few pics of some pillows I made stay tuned for lots more stuff to come..I'm working on pics, and tutorials :)...

pillows absolutely make a space...I can never have enough of them, really!! No I mean really ;)

redo pretty much in every room!! Master inspired bedding and you know I had to make some pillows..just finished making the bed as it was barn door inspired

DIY cloth flower wreath

I just can't enough of the cloth flowers!! I have made so many crafts here lately using them :)...this wreath is the latest. I'm not gonna go into some long drawn out process about this and that, I'm just gonna get straight to the tutorial. Excuse the pics, they aren't the best as my daughter was nice enough to take them for me.. These flowers are really easy to make once you get the hang of it, and oh don't get burnt with the glue gun :/..;)


Hot glue gun
fabric of your choice
foam wreath
and fingers that cooperate :)

Take enough fabric to wrap around the foam wreath and I just glued it in no particular spot on the wreath to hold it in place

Now you are ready to start cutting your fabric for the flowers!! Have that glue gun ready

I cut strips out of my fabric about 1 1/2 -2 ft long and about 4 -4 1/2 inches wide, really it can go either way, it doesn't have to be cut perfect so


You will want to cut out about 10-15 of these pieces, once you have'em cut place glue all along the edge of the bottom half and than fold the top over onto the your fingers over the fabric that was glued togethor. Now you are ready to start twisting, wrapping, and glueing, careful not to burn those fingers!!

making the flowers- practice, practice, practice!!
I start by wrapping the fabric around my finger and tuck, and twist loosely to make it look like a rose/flower and glueing as I go along..of course when you start wrapping start at one end of the fabric :)

make sure to glue randomly as you wrap, also at the end of the material and while making the flower!!! When you have your flower done place glue all along the bottom of it and start placing them on the wreath..

**note- when you are wrapping the flower I try to make the bottom of it as flat as I can so it will sit nicely on the wreath

I used burlap to make my flower in the center.........................................

make sure you glue your choice of ribbon/jute on when finished :)

  shabby chic it!!!!! This wreath can be used in many different spaces, and I think they would be gorgeous in making a bunch of small ones for weddings!!!