Thursday, September 13, 2012

CUTE candy dishes

Made these from glass candle holders that I painted (glass paint is hard to find :/) I happened to purchase Martha Stewart glass paint for $1.99 at Michael's Craft store in black and painted the stands or they could be mod podged!! Went to Hobby Lobby and purchased the glass dishes and they were on sale :))))...Used E6000 (wonderful stuff) to glue the stands to the glass and there you have it! I did purchase the monogrammed letters from Michaels as well, I just put the first letter to the name of the candy on my dishes :)....I liked the stickers for the simple fact when I change out the candy for whatever season I can change the letter as well!! Enjoy friends!!

Vintage Inspired clock


Purchased round top from Lowes $17 measures 24in
Hands were purchased from Michaels
Numbers from lowes and I stenciled some on
Paint/stain..I stained my wood first, dried, than gently ran the paint brush over it with the choice of paint
The back- to insert the hand motor you will need to measure and cut out the space provided for it to fit securely and properly!! Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The "M"

Hello friends! Thanks for visiting today :)....I want to share with you my 10 minute eazy peezy cheap project I put togethor for my kitchen. All you need is a wooden letter (I purchased mine from Hobby lobby), jute, glue gun, and some left over material for the embellished flower :). I also chose to paint my letter but either or would will work!! Start by wrapping the jute around the letter using the glue gun and start on the back of the letter, just keep wrapping and glueing in different areas as you wrap. When finished use your left over material of your choice and make the flower (tutorial below), and glue wherever you choose. I placed a pine cone in the middle of my flower for harvest season :)!!! Enjoy