Sunday, February 10, 2013

E.M.'s dog feeder

I've been meaning to make something to hold Ellie Mae's dog dishes that matched the style in our home but just hadn't gotten around to it. Well that changed over the weekend when I happened to be shopping at our local TJ Maxx and found some really cute stainless steel dog dishes for $2.99 a piece. Inexpensive and cute ALWAYS catches my eye ;)...So do shiny objects that I can decorate with adding some wood using walnut stain, it tends to tone down the shininess a bit!!! They go very well togethor. Sooo I threw togethor a few 1x4's, used the brad nailer, some wood glue, stenciled letters and there ya have it!!! Easy peezy!! I like that too!!

Measure just big enough for the dishes to sit right on top of the wood, its nice that way
wood glue- Elmer's is the BEST
brad nailer
walnut stain

And our sweet Ellie loves it!!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Folding table and Chevron

To make a laundry room functional, I definitely think you need a table to set the folded laundry on..or should I say to coax myself into the laundry room I just needed something a little extra....perhaps like a folding table. If you're anything like myself, I feel that laundry is a never ending vicious cycle that is left up to no one other than us moms perhaps and yes I realize there are exceptions!!!! So with that being said we need all the help we can get ;)..My table was "it" for me!!! I love it too..I have plenty of room to fold the laundry and not have to put it away right then if I have other things I'm busy doing at the moment. And Chevron, mannnnn it sure is a tricky design to use when measuring and sewing. It least in my opinion, but I wanted to add some Chevron somewhere in the house so I used it in the smallest area, laundry room!!!! I put togethor a small shade and added some burlap ribbon and "I like".......take a look ------->>>>>>

used some of the left over material and added some flowers to the baskets

laundry room is finally finished

Numbered coffee mugs

Hey there friends just wanted to share my inexpensive numbered coffee mug project with you all!!! I seen some similar mugs in The Pottery Barn magazine and loved them!! We are not coffee drinkers, nor did I wanna pay the price for theirs but I still wanted some since we do love our hot chocolate in the fall & winter, as well as warm tea when we are sick. So to me that was justifiable enough :)))!!! I made a trip to our local Everythings a Dollar store and picked up some white mugs (I have a love for white dishes) that were of course JUST $1, everything else I had on hand. Now, there are so many different ways you could do this project but I opted for the super easy way.....I scrapbook so had TONS of stickers, yep thats right I used stickers!!! I chose the lettering I wanted and placed them right on the mugs, traced with a super fine black sharpie and wa la!! I let them set for about an hour and than baked them at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.....Make sure to wash the mugs before you start on your project ;)..Enjoy!!!

I'm going to secure some black hooks onto the bead board of my hutch and place the mugs on them...

I think I wanna add some glass doors on the top two shelves, we shall see!!!