Sunday, February 10, 2013

E.M.'s dog feeder

I've been meaning to make something to hold Ellie Mae's dog dishes that matched the style in our home but just hadn't gotten around to it. Well that changed over the weekend when I happened to be shopping at our local TJ Maxx and found some really cute stainless steel dog dishes for $2.99 a piece. Inexpensive and cute ALWAYS catches my eye ;)...So do shiny objects that I can decorate with adding some wood using walnut stain, it tends to tone down the shininess a bit!!! They go very well togethor. Sooo I threw togethor a few 1x4's, used the brad nailer, some wood glue, stenciled letters and there ya have it!!! Easy peezy!! I like that too!!

Measure just big enough for the dishes to sit right on top of the wood, its nice that way
wood glue- Elmer's is the BEST
brad nailer
walnut stain

And our sweet Ellie loves it!!!!!

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