Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Folding table and Chevron

To make a laundry room functional, I definitely think you need a table to set the folded laundry on..or should I say to coax myself into the laundry room I just needed something a little extra....perhaps like a folding table. If you're anything like myself, I feel that laundry is a never ending vicious cycle that is left up to no one other than us moms perhaps and yes I realize there are exceptions!!!! So with that being said we need all the help we can get ;)..My table was "it" for me!!! I love it too..I have plenty of room to fold the laundry and not have to put it away right then if I have other things I'm busy doing at the moment. And Chevron, mannnnn it sure is a tricky design to use when measuring and sewing. It least in my opinion, but I wanted to add some Chevron somewhere in the house so I used it in the smallest area, laundry room!!!! I put togethor a small shade and added some burlap ribbon and "I like".......take a look ------->>>>>>

used some of the left over material and added some flowers to the baskets

laundry room is finally finished

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