Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vintage lighting

Ahhhhh....(sigh) I'm totally obsessed with vintage lighting and this is right up my alley, these would be so easy to make and would work well in many areas/spaces. This is definitely a must project for me :)

super cute!

lighting makes everything just that much prettier!  when out sight seeing I love to just look a the different kinds of lighting

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cookies & cream cupcakes

Hey friends hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!! It sure was a beautiful day here in Kentucky even though it was chilly. I have nothing inspiring to post about today ohh..but wait a minute I do, I really do they are called cookies and cream cupcakes and let me tell ya they are absolutely wonderful!!! They were a big hit and since we are HUGE Oreo lovers I decided to bake a few after pretty much drueling over them when I seen them on Pinterest.... I changed it up a bit (the recipe that is) and they turned out perfectly...try it!
Box of cake white mix, follow instructions on box for cake mix, than add crushed oreos into the batter (DO NOT USE BLENDER) after you have added oreos. Pour batter into cupcake holders and bake (follow cooking time on box)  let cool
1 8oz cream cheese @ room temp
6 tbsp of unsalted butter @ room temp
blend those togethor for one minute or until smooth
than add 1 tbsp of vanilla extract, blend
add 2 1/2 confection sugar blend on low for 2 min
add 2 tbsp of heavy whipping cream and blend for 1 min on low than blend for 4 more minutes until icing is fluffy, add to cupcakes along with crumbled oreos!! Enjoy

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just inspired for now........

Is enough to keep me sane at the moment while we are living in this duplex :/, but hey at least we have a roof over our heads right?? but when living in an apt I mean c'mon, they are only so big with a three year old boy running around...poor fella or poor mom?? Ha. Really poor guy! So for now I live off of my daily inspiration until we decide on a home that we like, hopefully soon since I'm gathering all these ideas and such for the new place..#hugeinspiration
cozy.........great design


another great vintage space

Rocky Road crockpot cake!!

Need I say more???? If you have already been introduced to this please excuse my excitement as I was introduced to it years ago and I"M STILL EXCITED about this cake. It's just the best and pretty much effortless! Although I love to bake, so it doesn't take much for me to get excited about any kind of baking...check out the recipe and if you like or love feel free to share! Enjoy

1  18.25oz package of german choc cake mix
1  3.9oz package of choc instant pudding mix
3  large eggs slightly beaten
1  cup sour cream
1/3 cup butter melted
1  tsp vanilla extract
3 1/4 cups milk divided
1  3.4oz package choc cook & serve pudding mix
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1 1/2 cup miniature marshmallows
1  cupsemisweet choc chip morsals

1) Beat cake mix, next 5 ingredients, and 1 1/4 cups of milk @ medium speed for 2 minutes
 pour batter into a lightly greased slow cooker
2) Cook remaining 2 cups of milk in a saucepan over medium heat stirring often 3 to 5 minutes or
just until bubbles appear (DO NOT BOIL), remove
3) Sprinkle cook & serve pudding mix over batter, than slowly pour hot milk over pudding. Cover &
cook on low for 3 1/2 hours
4) Heat pecans in a small skillet over low heat
5) Turn off slow cooker, sprinkle with pecans, marshmallows, and choc chip morsals let stand
until melted and ENJOY!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Storage bench with a special meaning

Hey there, I never realized all the different things that could be made from pallets, but than again I don't think its ever really something I've just sit and thought about either! :). Anyhoo so as I speak of pallets I want to share with you the storage bench that we made out of PALLETS! Easy stuff! All you need is a couple of pallets ( I used 2 pallets, and had plenty left over), hardware for the top of your choice, and some castors. Measure the size you would like your bench to be, (mine was 3ft wide) and start cutting, and drilling.... fun stuff huh??  You can personalize it with a special date or some kind of personal message. I just used word software (Century Schoolbook) font. Print out your numbers/letters and cut, tape those onto the bench in desired area and trace around than remove. Paint and sand a little, I used the sponge paintbrush to make it look more vintage like...Really adds character and sand syour hardware ;)... I promise I'am going to start doing tutorials!!!!! Rather than using this as as a bench right now I have to admit that I'm rather enjoying the use of it being a coffee table right at the moment.......

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Don't EVER try to create new post in the early A.M!! :) #lotsoferrors

The Farmhouse Table

 So the Farmhouse table....oh yes I love!!! I don't have a huge family, but of course do have enough family members to fill my table ;) but I've always been a fan of big tables. So when we made this I decided that we were going to go BIG and we's the largest table I've ever owned and I wouldn't change it!........
as you can see the previous owned table behind....much smaller and modern

after 3 coats of walnut stain/poly


I must say I really do love the different wooden chairs on each side, I had originally planned to purchase two  white ones in the same family as the ones pictured just different design and I happened to have these two wooden ones in my garage and just put them there with no intentions of keeping them, and I admit they add I'm keeping

Wood pallet ideas

Hey there!! I have been collecting some old/new pallets and have been trying to get some ideas on what I should do with them. #Ihaveplentyofthem..I've just recently finished one pallet project (will post pics) but I have so much of it, and not to mention I LOVE anything wood!!! that I want to use alot more of it throughout the home... Have any ideas or any DIY projects you've done yourself from pallets?? Please share! Heres a few I have found

talk about a great way to recycle!!!  ;)

The Great Outdoors

I would love to open my back door and walk right out to this!! I don't know that I would ever come back in :)..but really who wouldn't?? Such a relaxing/cozy atmosphere, and who doesn't need that from time to time?? Perfect timing to post this as the weather here in Kentucky is a bit nippy :/

they don't call it the great outdoors for nothing!! it truly is GREAT!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Easy tutorial for a cupcake stand

E6000 glue from Michaels (best glue for these projects)
White paint or your color preference
Clear coat spray paint (water resistant)
2 Candleholders (purchased from Michaels) long and short

Eazy Peezy!!! I took the wood candleholders that I painted white & than sprayed a clear coat that was water resistant over the white paint and let dry. After the candleholders are dry your stand will be ready to put togethor. So I just used some plates I already had and used the smaller one for the top. Make sure the area that your plates will be sitting on to set up are level. I than applied E6000 on the bottom of the long candleholder and attached it to the bottom plate making sure it was in the middle and I applied E6000 on the top of the same candleholder and placed the small plate on top of that so the weight helped with the set up..let those dry using the appropriate setup time and than use the same glue to attach the small candleholder on top of the small plate!!! And your done!!!! Sorry next time I will take pictures of the process :/..Enjoy!

Cupcake Stand