Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Farmhouse Table

 So the Farmhouse table....oh yes I love!!! I don't have a huge family, but of course do have enough family members to fill my table ;) but I've always been a fan of big tables. So when we made this I decided that we were going to go BIG and we did......it's the largest table I've ever owned and I wouldn't change it!........
as you can see the previous owned table behind....much smaller and modern

after 3 coats of walnut stain/poly


I must say I really do love the different wooden chairs on each side, I had originally planned to purchase two  white ones in the same family as the ones pictured just different design and I happened to have these two wooden ones in my garage and just put them there with no intentions of keeping them, and I admit they add character....so I'm keeping

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