Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Storage bench with a special meaning

Hey there, I never realized all the different things that could be made from pallets, but than again I don't think its ever really something I've just sit and thought about either! :). Anyhoo so as I speak of pallets I want to share with you the storage bench that we made out of PALLETS! Easy stuff! All you need is a couple of pallets ( I used 2 pallets, and had plenty left over), hardware for the top of your choice, and some castors. Measure the size you would like your bench to be, (mine was 3ft wide) and start cutting, and drilling.... fun stuff huh??  You can personalize it with a special date or some kind of personal message. I just used word software (Century Schoolbook) font. Print out your numbers/letters and cut, tape those onto the bench in desired area and trace around than remove. Paint and sand a little, I used the sponge paintbrush to make it look more vintage like...Really adds character and sand syour hardware ;)... I promise I'am going to start doing tutorials!!!!! Rather than using this as as a bench right now I have to admit that I'm rather enjoying the use of it being a coffee table right at the moment.......

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