Monday, February 6, 2012

Easy tutorial for a cupcake stand

E6000 glue from Michaels (best glue for these projects)
White paint or your color preference
Clear coat spray paint (water resistant)
2 Candleholders (purchased from Michaels) long and short

Eazy Peezy!!! I took the wood candleholders that I painted white & than sprayed a clear coat that was water resistant over the white paint and let dry. After the candleholders are dry your stand will be ready to put togethor. So I just used some plates I already had and used the smaller one for the top. Make sure the area that your plates will be sitting on to set up are level. I than applied E6000 on the bottom of the long candleholder and attached it to the bottom plate making sure it was in the middle and I applied E6000 on the top of the same candleholder and placed the small plate on top of that so the weight helped with the set up..let those dry using the appropriate setup time and than use the same glue to attach the small candleholder on top of the small plate!!! And your done!!!! Sorry next time I will take pictures of the process :/..Enjoy!

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