Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Hutch

Hey there I happen to scroll across this solid wood dresser that I thought was perfect for putting togethor a hutch. I have wanted one for quiet sometime now to display all my white dishes, but wasn't about to pay that kinda $ for one :/ #pricey! So, I bought it for 60 bucks and already had the rest of the wood to build the top! Perfect-o! I wanted something different and that's what I ended up with and I was ecstatic :D

Did I mention I dislike sanding????? Wellll if I didn't I do!!!
   After putting the good ol' Dewalt sander to work than we started to put it togethor, yeah I know this is ugly you don't even have to think it or say it amongst yourself :)....I thought the same thing, ha! But I had in mind what I wanted it to look like and it was part of the process, just pure ugliness. I was only hoping the finished piece was gonna look 10x's better

bead board used as the backing purchased from Lowes, molding on the top, and shelving added

added the hardware
Sweet & Simple!!! Just what I wanted :)

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